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How long are CHAMP consultations?

CHAMP Consultation typically take less than 15 minutes to complete, but can last longer for more complex cases. Our team is available to speak with providers for as long as desired. Providers often call with two or three specific clinical questions that they want answered during the call.

How do I refer a patient to the CHAMP program?

If you are a primary care provider, you can give us a call regarding your patient 9 am to 5 PM Monday through Friday. However, the CHAMP program does not provide direct patient services like a traditional mental health clinic. We are an education-based program that focuses on increasing the capabilities of primary care providers. If you would like assistance finding an appropriate referral for your patient, our team can help with that as well via the CHAMP Consult Line.

Is a CHAMP Consult a replacement for a CAY/UMMC referral for specialty mental health care?

No, the CHAMP Consult line is here to support mental health interventions that can be implemented into the primary care setting. To make a referral for specialty services, please send a CAY referral form to CAY. For more information, call the CAY scheduling team at 601-984-5236.